A Very, Very Long Introduction To Me!

Where do I even start? Should I tell you my entire life story, or merely the parts that matter?

How about the parts that matter? Can we all agree on that? Good.

Once upon a time, the channel on television known as AMC had this glorious tradition in October to play horror movies 24/7 from mid month, all the way to Halloween. It was called Monsterfest, and it's where the tale of my love and passion for film begins.

I don't remember what time of the night it was, but I know that I had been marathoning movies for two days straight. It was late in the night and I was preparing myself for the 1931 classic, Dracula. I remember watching the film and thinking how beautiful it was, and how intrigued I was by the handsome Bela Lugosi and stunning Helen Chandler. The film had ended, but my love for the horror genre and overall film fascination, had begun. From there, I watched all the other classic Universal monsters - Frankenstein (plus sequels), Wolfman, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. I explored the 70s horror movies like Carrie, The Exorcist, Amityville Horror, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Halloween - which, spawned the passion of learning to make films. I remember watching a version of Halloween on AMC that had all of these trivia facts underneath, and I read and learned all that there was to offer, and from there I began to learn more about other classic horror movies. 

To put that long paragraph to an end, let's say, and agree, that Dracula will forever be my inspiration and push into the horror genre and appreciation for film.

Going on at the same time, there was this very rad channel called CHILLER, and they had this countdown of the scariest scenes from movies - one of those scenes was the infamous rape sequence in A Clockwork Orange, and that ladies and gentleman, was my introduction to Stanley Kubrick. Since this one-hour special had been going on in October, there was a likely chance that The Shining (a Kubrick masterpiece) would be playing on AMC sometime. I was right, and I watched it, and literally the rest is history. My infatuation with Stanley Kubrick was born, and the desire to explore his work and learn about his style was one of my biggest priorities as a 12 year-old girl. 

Now, let's fast forward a few years - three to be exact. I'm a 15-year old girl who has fallen in love with acting, while still maintaining and growing her knowledge of film. I've been taking acting classes, and loving them, and also slowly beginning to think about my future. I definitely dreamed big because I wanted to be an actor/director, but also a cinema history professor. 

Let's fast forward two more years, I'm 17-years old, a senior in high school and my eyes are set on Point Park University - but not for filmmaking, for acting. I've auditioned into their, and know that when I get in I'll have an acting major, and a cinema studies minor. Life has a way of going ways we don't expect, and that's what happened - I didn't get into Point Park's acting program and when I think back on it now, that's totally okay. Instead, when September 2011 rolled around and I was a freshman, I was attending undecided. Luckily, after a few trial and errors, I found my place in the cinema program at Point Park University - and my end goal was to be a director. During my time at Point Park, as a filmmaker, I was able to explore my style and grow as a person. I gained confidence, and learned to communicate my ideas and opinions, and for that, I will be forever grateful.

Now, here I am, 22-years old. Newly graduated, and already kind of have a job in the entertainment business. I may not be working on sets, but instead I'm a personal assistant for actor Ryan Hurst - who is Gerry in Remember the Titans if you didn't know, and he also played Opie on Sons of Anarchy. Getting this job has made me so grateful for what the future may hold for me. I am thankful that Ryan, and his wife Molly, enjoy having me as their assistant to help with running errands, watching their dogs, and making schedules and phone calls.

What the future holds for me is unforeseeable, but I do have ideas on where I'd like to be and what I'd like to be doing. Ideally, I want to be a director. I would love to be Los Angeles in about a year, working either as an assistant for someone personally (like I am now) or being a production assistant on sets and working my way up in the food chain. I would love to continue with my writing, and hopefully be able to get paid for writing reviews. I would also love to possibly be a publicist for someone, or even running the social media programs for a production company - I do plan to get social media marketing certified within the next few months! 

I clearly have high hopes for myself, and a lot of goals, but I'm not afraid of trying to reach each and every one of those. 

- B